Caring...whatever the cost.

My mission is to love God, pursue beauty, and
touch the lost and weak on His behalf.

  • The Chicken I Chose  Yesterday was difficult. My chicken coop was full beyond capacity with nine hens and four roosters. I can tolerate the crowing but the little hens couldn’t handle all the extra male attention they were receiving. Five month old roosters are still young enough to to be […]

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  • I recently took a long road trip through the Upper Midwest with my sweet dog riding shotgun. I was concerned about finding hotels that would accept Rue without breaking my budget. I usually use an online discount travel site where you bid for rooms and hope for the best. I […]

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  •  My dog, Rue, might have been the only one excited to see seven inches of fluffy new snow at the cabin. By this time, we’re hoping to mothball the snowblowers (all three of them) and move on to Spring. Folks in the U.P. are used to Mothers’ Day blizzards or […]

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