Caring...whatever the cost.

My mission is to love God, pursue beauty, and
touch the lost and weak on His behalf.

  • My chickens are eggers. They laid all winter long without a  molting break. When they were chicks I looked forward to the first pullet eggs. At first I marveled at their ovoid offerings. I  held them up on the way back from the barn as if to show them to […]

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  • My cat’s life is not ideal. He is afraid of our dog, a rescue that lived peacefully with a cat in her foster home. That cat ignored her, unless the dog chased her. Then, like most cats, it would turn, arch, hiss, and, if necessary unsheath its claws to deliver […]

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  • Yesterday was difficult. My chicken coop was full beyond capacity with nine hens and four roosters. I can tolerate the crowing but the little hens couldn’t handle all the extra male attention they were receiving. Five month old roosters are still young enough to to be tender so I had […]

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