Caring...whatever the cost.

My mission is to love God, pursue beauty, and
touch the lost and weak on His behalf.

  • Not actual beds, of course, but still, I put the bees to bed for the winter yesterday. I like to think that I’m getting better at Up North Beekeeping. We hit 50 degrees yesterday, the Friday after Thanksgiving, and my hives were hopping. The bees were flying at five degrees […]

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  • The devotion I wrote for today’s date in _Mornings with Jesus_ doesn’t show me in the best light. I like to think I’m a little (or maybe a lot) better than I really am. I tend to act nicer when I think people are watching. Maybe we all do. That […]

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  • My chickens are eggers. They laid all winter long without a  molting break. When they were chicks I looked forward to the first pullet eggs. At first I marveled at their ovoid offerings. I  held them up on the way back from the barn as if to show them to […]

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