(Or How I Ended Up in a Cabin in the U.P. and what I’m up to now)

I’m a writer, speaker, fiber artist, outdoor enthusiast, and long-time follower of Jesus. My walk with the Lord is flawed, but persistent. If I take my eyes off Him, I stumble; but when I look up, He’s always right there. I used to be an adrenaline-junky transport nurse, flying in helicopters with tiny, sick newborns. Then I became a neonatal nurse practitioner, making life and death decisions and saving little lives. I finished my nursing career riding in ambulances as a transport nurse again, traveling many miles at high speeds on wintry roads in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I miss the lights and sirens. I used to shepherd a flock of natural colored sheep (even wrote a book about them). I made things too – soap, socks, sweaters. The suburbs gradually surrounded our farm (and my husband, Mike, had done the heavy lifting for our sheep operation long enough), so we found good homes for the sheep and sold the farm. And, yes, I miss my sheep. Now we live in a little cabin in the Hiawatha National Forest. We love it here and spend a lot of time outdoors chasing beauty and my rescue dog, Rue. We’re figuring out how to farm the woods, keep bees (is there such a thing as a bee-herd?) and garden in a place where there’s seven months of ice-climbing most years. I’m still applying the lessons my sheep taught on following my Shepherd. My relationship with Jesus (and His with me) doesn’t depend on what I do, but on who He is and what He’s done. He’s proved over and over again He loves me. God (literally) knows why.