40 Days to your Best Life for Nurses
Genre: Devotional
Publisher: David C. Cook
Publication Year: November 2005
ISBN: 9781562927066


40 Days to your Best Life for Nurses
(40 - Day Devotional) You are a gifted caregiver—a vital part of the healing profession. But how well do you take care of yourself? How long has it been since you've contemplated your life, or the steps you should take so that you can live your best life? Perhaps it's not so easy for you to turn that careful attention to yourself. It's for you that we've created 40 Days to Your Best Life. Let this inspiring devotional be the boost you need to start living the rich and meaningful life your Creator intended you to live. Encouraging scriptures, motivational stories, and inspiring quotations have been compiled especially for you. Let God's Word find a place in your heart so that you can discover and live your best life starting today.
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