Cabin Snow 16We were supposed to get freezing rain at the end of last week. And we didn't. Instead, I woke up to just an inch and a half of light snow. Yay! I hate ice. I was expecting guests for the weekend and our lane is long, twisting, and hilly. We dodged the ice but not the thaw - the temperature hit forty degrees. That inch and a half of snow that should have been scraped off, turned to slush on a base of ice. My guests' 4WD vehicles ended up fishtailed into the snowbanks. Ladies' Day Out began with a few hours of shoveling and spinning tires. We got one car out but had to call a friend with heavy equipment to get the other car up the hill and then push all that slush off the driveway. I've discovered that I'm a pessimist when I'm hungry, cold, and wet. We didn't pull the plug on our plans yet. Instead, we headed to the bagel shop in town and enjoyed a late lunch. We went ahead with our plans, the only change being leaving the cars at the end of the driveway when we got back and hiking up to the cabin in the dark. It turned out to be a great day. We weren't home free when the ice missed us, but neither did we have to give up when the day got off to a rocky start. I might have been frustrated on my own, but being with friends made the difference. Together, we stayed hopeful, kept our options open, and ended up making memories. I'd do it again.

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