20130302-100142.jpg Surrounded by beauty here at the end of winter. The snow is deep and the forest is quiet and beautiful. I'm letting the peace of it seep into me. And it's working. I'm coming off a physically difficult week that began with trekking to the Eben Ice Caves and climbing the cliff (with the help of a rope and a bunch of friends). Then I spent the weekend at Big Bay for the DNR's Becoming an Outdoor Woman (BOW) winter session where I snowshoed, tied flies, and resurrected an interest in woodburning and campfire cooking. I followed that up with four pretty busy shifts in the NICU that left me rubber legged. Had an early appointment yesterday - yada, yada, yada. Anyway, today is the first day in more than a week with nothing scheduled. We thought about going over to Valley Spur for the Taste & Glide (kind of a multi-course buffet on cross country skis) but I lazed about in bed so long we would have had to hurry to get there. Maybe next year. Winter here is busy and beautiful. Our favorite season. I think I'm finally beginning to look forward to spring though. Not longing for it yet. Today I'll rest in the peace of this place. Maybe walk down to the LakeHouse and check on the sauna. God is so good.

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